Ivorian Doll

By: Jude Kouassi

Ivorian Doll, also known as Vanessa Mahi is an up and coming German-born English rapper with Ivorian heritage. She has taken the UK drill scene by storm with her hit song Rumours. In this song Ivorian Doll used it to fight back against the misogynistic idea of slut-shaming. The aspect I like most about her music is her vocal sound. Her voice is unique but always seems to compliment the track she’s rapping on. Her flow had me bopping my head while listening, and the confidence she rapped with had me feeling every verse of her music. In the song she goes as far as to say

Oh shit, I heard a rumour IVD is a thot
They said I’m leaking from the STDs that I got
They say I fucked **** **** and **** **** **** “

This bar alone made the song for me. Her directness in straight up going at the people who were starting rumors about her was awesome for the song. She took control of the narratives that were being spread about her and basically said “so what”? she had a ton of people hating and trying to tear her down and chose to flip it on their heads and make them feel foolish for even trying. As a woman this is often how they are forced to be portrayed after becoming popular. Either they’re pitted against one another for trivial reasons, or their rise to stardom is explained through sex with managers or promoters, overshadowing their actual talents. What Ivorian Doll chose to do was create her own way and her own path by breaking down the boxes tabloids and gossipers were trying to put her in. I think she’ll have a lasting impact on the UK hip hop scene for a long time, and I’m excited to see what she has in store next.



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