“Club Banger” –Curated by Carlprit

Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Carlprit keeps the club spirit alive, amidst a pandemic, with his 2020 release of “Club Banger.” Whether it’s a special occasion, you’re blowing off steam or you just feel like having a solo dance party this song is bound to get your body moving! Known for his upbeat lyricism strewn with an undertone of discoteca Carlprit fully delivers with his high energy verses and syncopated rhythms. One of my favorite facets about this song is the opening, Carlprit reels in the audience, using the first twenty seconds of the song as a string instrument solo. The string instrument plays throughout the entirety of the song and provides the perfect juxtaposition to the beats that follow.

This song is meant to get you off your seat and onto your feet, so it comes as no surprise that the lyricism matches this energy. Carlprit raps with an arrogance that is only admissible in this genre of hip hop, but delivers in hyping up a crowd. Amongst verses discussing liquor, partying and Carlprit’s affinity for beautiful women since his rise to fame it’s the chorus that stands out to me the most, “All eyes on me I’m the new Makaveli.” Perhaps an ode to Tupac, or simply insinuating that his rise in the rap game mirrors that of tyrant Niccoló Machiavelli, nonetheless, I enjoyed this chorus and the subsequent symbolism. The only critique that I have is not with the song itself, but the music video. The video leaves something to be desired as it’s entirety is footage of a sports car driving down a highway which does not do the song justice.

Overall this is a great song for a party; or just some motivation to get through that booty burning workout, and for those days when you need an extra boost of endorphins this is the perfect beat to get you through.

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