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One can really enjoy this song, because of the way it has a good mixture of singing and rapping. Throughout the video, they are screaming hallelujah throughout the entire video. They are rapping and singing in some west African language. I am from Sierra Leone a country in west Africa, so I could pick up on some of the phrases throughout the song. The main message of the song was that they wanted to ultimately praise God for everything he had done for them. The rapper Castro is even dressed up as if he is a priest throughout certain scenes of the music video. Both artist are completely satisfied with the gifts that God has blessed them with. The music video actually takes place inside of a church. They show that their faith is to Christianity and the Lord. One of the key words throughout the song is Hallelujah. This is done to give all the praise to God, and truly glorify his name. I liked how they did not use the rap versus for a negative connotation, and they actually made it positive rap. This song was created by a Ghanaian artist. There were several prosperous messages passed out throughout this song. The artist is trying to say when you give everything to God, he will take care of everything else. Also, that one should not worry if they truly believe in God. This is something that we talk about even in my church, so I enjoyed the video. I will definitely add this song to my personal playlist, as motivation to help me get through the daily battles I face throughout life.

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