HHAP Ep. 80: Introducting our New Assistant Producer & more Announcements

In this short episode, we introduce you to our student assistant producer, Miranda, who will be working with us this semester.

We also discuss plans for the show, plans to propose a new Hip-Hop Studies minor at Howard University, and an upcoming visit by Ghanaian hip-hop artist M.anifest. The episode starts with the song “Too Bad” from M.anifest’s latest album From Madina to the Universe.

This year’s spring series will focus on Nigeria and we will be interviewing hip hop artists and activists to understand what is happening with the hip hop scene in Nigeria.

Toward the end of the show, Miranda introduced us to Sudanese American hip hop artist Oddisee, who is based in Washington, DC. Below is Oddisee performing at the 2016 Trinity International Hip Hop Festival in Harford, Connecticut.

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