Gibril Da African

From all over West and hailing Accra, Ghana Gibril, a.k.a. The Foreign Exchange Hustler’s mother is from Ghana and father is from Sierra Leone and has spent time throughout the West African coast, learning, traveling, performing in Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria to name a few and has also spent time in and around many European countries. He has taken the U.S. by storm, performing and staying in Chicago, New Jersey, New York and elsewhere to bridge the Atlantic from the West Coast of Africa to the East Coast of America. His multi-national and multi-cultural heritage and lifestyle are reflected in his latest album “Diplomatic Passport” and the song sharing the same title, “Passport.” He brings a hard-hitting style that comes from his exposure to Civil War and constant poverty stricken bloodshed from childhood on. From his myspace page you can listen to his song “All I Know” and get a taste of his life. His international acclaim took off when he collaborated with M1 from Dead Prez in the song “Streets of Africa” which is an amazing tune that shows not only the true nature of violence in Africa and the income gap between the few wealthy and the mass poor but also with the help of the prophetic and wise M1 from Dead Prez showing how this same expanding gap between the rich and poor breeds the constant violence in the streets of America.

“Streets of Africa”


“All I Know” on his myspace

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