Didier Awadi: The Roots

The song “The Roots” rapped by Didier Awadi and M1. It is a striking stand against imperialism and white superiority. The song says: “I ain’t

HHAP Episode 3: Xuman and Keyti on Hip Hop Culture in Senegal

This episode features an interview with Senegalese hip hop pioneers and activists Xuman and Keyti. Xuman and Keyti have been active in hip hop in Senegal for over 20 years. They now host a hip hop news show called Journal Rappé on YouTube. The episode featured on this podcast features the U.S. rapper M1.

Journal Rappé: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImRGQL_sK7OHi1h823Nc0w

Gibril Da African

From all over West and hailing Accra, Ghana Gibril, a.k.a. The Foreign Exchange Hustler’s mother is from Ghana and father is from Sierra Leone and

Documentary ‘Ni Wakati’ Brings American, East African Artists Together

By Msia Kibona Clark | 15 MARCH 2011 Los Angeles — The new documentary by Kenyan filmmakers Michael Wanguhu and Russell Kenya premiered at the Pan