Eva Alordiah – “Friend or Foe”

Eva asks, “Are you a Friend, are you a Foe?” Real questions that can be asked in today’s society!

Nigerian singer Elohor Eva Alordiah’s (aka “Eva Alordiah” and “Eva”) 2020 hit single “Friend or Foe” asks the question many of us asks about people we deal with on a daily basis – be it family, friends, or acquaintances.  Eva is one of many Nigerian singers who has expanded her music beyond her borders to reach the U.S. music world.  

Born on August 13, 1989, Eva always knew she wanted to rap.  When she was 7 years old, she carried around a notebook of her raps.  She started rapping when she was 10-years old.  Like many other rappers, Eva was inspired by such talents like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Eminem, John Lennon, and the Carpenters.  This just goes to show that rappers aren’t necessarily influenced by other rappers.  

Not only did this 33-year-old singer earn a Nigeria Entertainment Award from four nominations, one Eloy Award, and was nominated twice for the YEM award, where she won one of those nominations, but Eva owns a company that specializes in makeup services called MakeupByOrsela.

With all her accomplishments, Eva has probably had some instances in her life where she had to ask herself if someone was real or fake, live or Memorex, or friend or foe! As far as her hit single “Friend or Foe,” the lyrics can be a challenge to make out as with many rappers.  The accent makes it even more hard to understand all the words.  From what I can make out, the song does tell a story like many hits that were made from the pains in life.  Here are a few of the lyrics that I was able to understand:

“I could’ve died in my own sleep.

Yeah, I’ll let you think about it would you miss me? 

Thank God that I’m here still.

I got a lot on my plate I’m just saying eat…

Chawlie let me know, are you a friend are you a foe, don’t tell me just show…”

The tune is catchy, and I can see how it could be a hit accompanied with the video.  Check out Eva’s hit single by clicking on the YouTube link below and judge for yourselves.

        “Friend or Foe” was released on January 1, 2020.

 Eva Aloridah’s Music Platforms. Click the links below.

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