Eno Barony: The importance of versatility

Eno Barony is a Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, hailing from Tema, Ghana. She is known for songs like “Wats Ma Name” and the remix of Tonga, which catapulted her into fame in 2014. I listened to a lot of her songs like “Force Dem to Play Nonsense” and “Mind Your Business”. However, I gravitated to two of her songs which were “Enough is Enough” and “Argument Done”. “Argument done” had a hard hitting beat and showcased her skills more, while “Enough is Enough” had more of a laid back vibe. “Enough is Enough” was also a collaboration with Ghanian singer, Wendy Shay.

I liked how she was able to switch between styles because I feel that shows her versatility as an artist. I like when artists are able to satisfy audiences that are hardcore hip hop fans, while also being able to make music for those don’t normally listen to rap. I think being able to switch between styles is a lot harder than people think. It makes me think of the quote by American rapper, Rakim, “What makes a Emcee, an Emcee is his wordplay… the way he puts his words together and uses different rhythms”. Essentially, Emcee’s are dedicated to the craft of rap, while rappers are more concerned with party anthems. A lot of rappers, especially in American culture, are known for making songs that grow in popularity and go viral. However, Hip Hop Heads are very relentless when it comes to knowing that the rapper can actually produce something with substance, whether that be social issues or something more personal for that person.

This is where “Argument Done” comes into play. This song was actually a diss track for Sister Alafia’s “U Got Nerve”. I really liked this song because she was able to display that braggadocio that rap music is known for. Rap music is also known for its competitive nature. Rap is like a sport, so I liked how she was able to show that side of her as well.

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