Eno Barony: One of many Ghanaian female hip-hop artists making history

Female hip-hop artists in Africa have entirely transformed the music industry, made immense impacts on the community, and created spaces for themselves within the hypermasculine,

Eno Barony: The importance of versatility

Eno Barony is a Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, hailing from Tema, Ghana. She is known for songs like “Wats Ma Name” and the remix of

The Feminist African MC Mixtape

Please click here to access the playlist. As noted in our class discussions and reading materials, African women have faced many challenges in the hip-hop

Eno Barony: The Rise of African Female Rappers

As time passes, more women begin to stake their claims in the rap game. In a genre dominated primarily by men, this is no small

Eno Barony: Power and Strength in Hip-hop

Eno Barony is a Ghanian hip-hop artist known for her rapping and song-writing talents. Barony was first launched into the limelight after her song “Tonga”

Ghanaian Rapper Challenges Fat Shaming in Latest Single

In her latest single, “Heavy Load”, Eno Barony advocates for body positivity and fights fatphobia. The heavily anticipated track was made by twin producers, B2.

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