Eno Barony: The Rise of African Female Rappers

As time passes, more women begin to stake their claims in the rap game. In a genre dominated primarily by men, this is no small feat. And yet artists like Eno Barony as known as Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, have paved the way for women in the Ghanaian rap game. In her song, “ Fear No Man”, Eno, uses braggadocio to display her mastery of the art while also implying that she is just as good, if not better than her male counterparts. Mentioning that some stated that, “ebinom kaakyire me s3 Obaa wo y3 rap y3 slow” meaning that some thought that since she was a woman that she would not be able to make it as a woman, especially in such a fast paced environment.

Eno’s rebuttals and fast paced rap are not a common occurrence. In the Ghanaian rap game, the scene is dominated predominantly by men who have been in the game for decades and more. For women, that is not always the case. And as such, they are more likely to stick in their own lane and mold the rap scene to what fits their needs. Ghanaian girls now have their own lyricist that they can look up to and not fear of being cast out as different. While she may lean on her sex appeal, Eno is far from letting the public shaming stop her from progressing onward. As such, this will allow for other female rappers to enter into the game and not feel isolated as they would have prior. While not too much momentum has been made in the acceptance of women in the game, this is the type of measure is never too small to be measured.

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