The Feminist African MC Mixtape

Please click here to access the playlist. As noted in our class discussions and reading materials, African women have faced many challenges in the hip-hop

Blitz the Ambassador Acknowledges his Roots in “Make You No Forget”

Blitz the Ambassador is one of Ghana’s most famous hip-hop stars. Growing up in Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador then moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue

African Representation Beyond the Contintent: M.anifest

M.anifest is an accredited Ghanian rapper who has been in the music scene for almost all of his life. Growing up in a relatively privileged

Eno Barony: Power and Strength in Hip-hop

Eno Barony is a Ghanian hip-hop artist known for her rapping and song-writing talents. Barony was first launched into the limelight after her song “Tonga”

The Trotro: A Ghanian Hip-hop artist’s take on the most important mode of transport in Ghana

Wanlov the Kubolor is a Ghanian-Romanian hip-hop /Afro-pop artist and film director. In Ghana and the larger diaspora, Wanlov the Kubolor is known for his

Ghanian Women in Hip Hop: Eazzy

Women are an integral part of Hip Hop culture. They provide an opportunity to champion women empowerment and to serve as role models for young