Dialects of Hip-Hop

The song BRKN LNGWJZ by FOKN Bois is a song that really embodies the discussion revolving around the use of different languages in social settings. FOKN Bois is a Ghanaian rap group that consists of Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa. In this song, Wanlov and M3nsa talk about what makes them who they are and what things are important to their identity. Throughout the song they rap in english as well as simultaneously using a dialect of english, Twi (a dialect spoken in Ghana) words. The use of language in this song is to aid them in revealing their identities.

“The tear the saman dropping hustler”

The Busta Rhymes, Fela Kuti truster”

The chalewote wearing roamer”

The above lyrics show the use of dialects, local slang, as well as references to American pop culture. The language that an artist chooses to use in their song can often relay to audience where the artist is from, where they have received influence from, what social class they are in, and many more. For example, in this song it can be thought that the artists are from the suburbs of Ghana because of the slang and dialects that are used. Also, the reference to Busta Rhymes suggests that the artists have influence from American culture and hip-hop. The language in this song is also used to relate to the audience that it is intended for. For example, this song discusses the identity of the artists and where they come from which is why they use their local slang and language.

Language is utilized as a form of relationship, identity,  and culture. The languages used in this song gave the audience insight into who the artists are, where they are from, and what influences them. Wanlov and M3nsa were able to portray their lives and identities through what they say and how they say it.

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