Rap and Me

Eyirap is a well known female MC from Accra, Ghana. She is extremely talented and her song “Rap and Me” makes sure no one forgets it. Eyirap uses this song to tell the world she is the best in the game and no one can tell her otherwise.

“I understand the game so always I deliver..”

“Take me to the war zone and I’ll face Hitler..”

“I’m business minded I have come to annihilate..”

Eyirap uses the lyrics above as a sort of braggadocio. She establishes her dominance and credibility by saying that she can kill off anyone with her rapping ability. Continue reading “Rap and Me”

Coming to America

In M.anifest’s song “Coming to America”, which is apart of his bigger project “Immigrant Chronicles”, he talks about the both forceful and willing migration of his people to America. This can be shown in the beginning of the song when he says,

“Ever since they came in the name of King James, my people been crippled and maimed.” Continue reading “Coming to America”

The M.anifestation of Ghanaian Hip Hop


Hip Hop was and is still a way for black people to express themselves and the obstacles that they face. M.anifest, originally known as Kwame Tsikata, is a well-known rapper from Accra, Ghana, who often intertwines African hip hop and western influenced hip hop. Continue reading “The M.anifestation of Ghanaian Hip Hop”