Coming to America

In M.anifest’s song “Coming to America”, which is apart of his bigger project “Immigrant Chronicles”, he talks about the both forceful and willing migration of his people to America. This can be shown in the beginning of the song when he says,

“Ever since they came in the name of King James, my people been crippled and maimed.”

He also goes on to use the following lyrics to discuss issues that African immigrants and black people in America often face:

“..gotta get a job and pay the bills, send money home my life is real.”

“…the possibility I’ll end up in jail”

“…cops are killas”

“…name callin, negro, n*gga”

He uses his lyrics, such as the ones shown above, to talk about his obligations to his family while being in America, the possibilities that he could end up in jail for being black, the language barriers, the extensive use of technology and police brutality. M.anifest used this song and, the visuals inspired by it, to identify the issues that African migrants that come to America experience. The video starts with photos of iconic American landmarks to symbolize the “America” that is shown on TV and broadcasted to other countries. The video then goes into clips of him walking through the streets of America in his traditional clothing to symbolize how he feels as though he stands out due to his status of an immigrant. He is also seen doing normal “American” things such as riding the bus or going to the barber shop. However, the reoccurring scenes that stood out were the scenes where people of many different races and ethnicities were seen holding a sign that says welcome. This is used to symbolize the diversity that can be seen in America. Overall, M.anifest used this song and video to describe both the fantasization that most people have about America and the realization of it all.

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