Hypocrite by Falz ft. Demmie Vee

Folarin Falana, also known as, Falz is a Nigerian rapper, and songwriter and was born on October 27, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria. His parents are lawyers and human rights activists and Falz followed in their footsteps as he has a law degree and is a human rights activist. He started his rapping career while in secondary school. Falz and his friends created a group called “The School Boys” until he went professional and solo. 

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In his song “Hypocrite,” featuring artist Demmie Vee, Falz raps mainly in English but sometimes switches to Pidgin English. Demmie Vee sings in Pidgin English throughout the video. In the beginning, a woman is praying and her eyes turn white when a child walks into the room. This symbolizes the abuse that happens in families and how people can preach and pray and cause harm and trauma. The lyrics also discuss the fact that religious people preach about Jesus to others, but will also sexually abuse children behind closed doors. He also raps about people complaining that the political system is corrupt and how most remain silent because they fear losing their lives. However, he states that they have nothing to live for either. The corruption in the Nigerian government continues to thrive because of people he says are “hypocrites” because they will speak about the injustices and corruption, but continue to vote for corrupt leaders. In the song, Falz uses his lyrics to say “And what even you voters, wey dey act like say you only see two jokers,” where he is saying that the jokers are also the voters who continue to vote for corrupt leaders despite knowing that they will only bring more turmoil to the Nigerian citizens. In this song, Falz and Demmie are speaking to the Nigerian people, especially those who are religious and/or corrupt, those who are afraid to speak up, voters, and the leaders who do not take progressive action to protect children, lift the poor out of poverty, or increase employment opportunities once in office. This song is another example of artists using their music to speak up against social and political issues that demand progressive and comprehensive solutions.

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