“Girl Power” by Mina la voilée

“Girl Power”, by Mina la Voilée, preaches tough feminism, women’s empowerment, and just an overall sense of badass rhymes and flow in a short but

Brand New Day – Emtee

IG/Twitter: @emteerecords Emtee, a hip hop artist in South Africa, recently came out with a song titled “Brand New Day.” Ever since a very young

Make Room for Women In Hip-Hop: Mina la Voilée

Aminata Gaye brings a feminist flair to Hip-Hop in Senegal with her conscious rhymes and unapologetic messages. 27-year-old Gaye is a veiled rapper in Dakar,

Ruyoga Delves into Identity and Self Worth

By Max Bone R Ruyoga during a 2015 performance. Picture from Bigeyes.ug. In his 2014 single titled Muhuliire? (Y’heard?), Ugandan hip-hop artist Ruyoga goes into

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