Jub Jub

Molemo Maarohanye or more professionally known as Jub Jub was born on June 29th, 1980, and is a South African artist born and raised in Soweto with a controversial past. From allegations of physical and emotional abuse to even serving prison time, regardless of all the bad decisions, Jub has chosen to change his life and live a more righteous lifestyle. Sadly Jub and his friend Themba Tshabalala made the terrible decision of taking heavy drugs and drag racing on a public road near a school. Which resulted in the death of four children and brain damage to two others. This caused them to get sentenced to 25 years in prison. Luckily they filed for an appeal and were successful which lowered their sentences by 10 years so they were able to be granted parole in 2017.

When he was released from prison he did interviews saying he was a changed man who was ready to accomplish great things and prove that he has truly changed and was going to focus on producing music again. The song I heard from him was called the “Ndikhokhele Remake” which is a gospel hip hop song. The fact that he is considered a gospel hip hop artist was what made the song stick out to me. Gospel and hip hop are two completely different genres of music that tend to contradict each other, so when I heard the hip hop beat and the gospel singers I was caught off guard but then quickly started to bob my head to the beat and even let my roommate hear the song because I just couldn’t be the only one with my ears getting blessed.

The song represents his progression through life and the video broadcasts his vision in a beautiful way. In the video, he is seen doing the sign of the cross multiple times, as if he is showing he has given his life to Christ and I think it makes his message even more powerful.

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