Biography of Krukid

Krukid’s actual name is Edwin Ruyonga and he is from the east African country of Uganda. I have not been able to discover his birth date or current age, but I assume when he got his big break in 2000 he was in his late teens. In Uganda, there weren’t many hip hop artists, so he was influenced by the American rap of the 90s that they were able to see from a South African channel they got on t.v. This included Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, and Wu Tang Clan. With the youth being exposed, music and music videos transferred over into Uganda. More exposure to this got Krukid fully engulfed in the culture of hip hop and he learned to express his thoughts and creativity through rap.

Krukid formed a group with his friends called Urban Thugz. They went on to win a countrywide music competition  and from that success, Krukid was able to release a single in Uganda. It brought him fame, but his mother being an educated woman, wanted her son to go to school. She sent him to the United States a couple of years later in 2002, and along with his education, Krukid continued to pursue music.

Once in the U.S, Champaign, IL to be exact, he continued his work  by opening for many underground artists such as Lupe Fiasco and The Roots. He moved to Las Vegas for a bit where he won best hip hop award at the Local Music Awards two years in a row. His success caught they ears of music talents and he was signed under Cash Hill. Under them he made his first album “Raisin in the Sun” in 2005. Krukid was then selected to be put on the Rawkus 50 which is a list of underground hip hop acts and released another album under Rawkus Records in 2007 titled “Afr-I-Can”. Recently, Krukid has formed the group A.R.M ( African Rebel Movement) with Ghanain Rapper M.anifest and American producer Budo who already released and EP and LP in 2010. Krukid is an evolving rapper, focusing on integrating all parts of his music into his message. He refuses to believe that hip hop is dead or will ever die because it is such a stong and powerful artform. KRukid knows you have to stay on top of the game in order to stay in the game. He strives to stay fresh and strong in who he is as an African, African-American, and hip hop artist.

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