Krukid: Black Immigrant Mixtape Review

The first time I listened to this, I didn’t like it, but now I understand it more and have grown to appreciate it. Starting off,

Biography of Krukid

Krukid’s actual name is Edwin Ruyonga and he is from the east African country of Uganda. I have not been able to discover his birth date or

Krukid: Afr-I-Can Album Review

Krukid really came through with this album. He put in his heart and soul into his songs and their content. I was very moved and

Krukid: Raisin in the Sun

This album is Krukid’s first one. His tracks hold simple, smooth beats so that his lyrics are the focus. His main desire is to tell

Krukid Article

From an interview by J-Key Cho from, Krukid gives a brief overview of his entrance into the world of hip hop, his transition to