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From an interview by J-Key Cho from, Krukid gives a brief overview of his entrance into the world of hip hop, his transition to America, his relationships with labels, and what he tries to convey in his music.

Krukid is from Uganda and said that hip hop wasn’t very represented during his time of coming up. Krukid’s role models and influences come from both east and west coast rap in America from the 90s, and he was fascinated by the different voices reaching out through each style. I order to start his career he got a group together in Uganda that ended up winning a national competition, which led him to be able to release his first single. This jump to fame and opportunity led him to the states. I actually really like what he said about coming to the states. Either people are constantly saying it’s the greatest place and the land of opportunity, but reality is you still have to fight for who you are and what you want. He mentions that America held both negatives and positives for him. Immersing himself into a new culture did provide a challenge to him, but one he was ready to take on to be able to spread his words and music.

The best thing in this article is him defining his substance in his work. There are too many artists, in all genres, that produce empty, impersonal, and just plain out ridiculous pieces of music. Krukid has a focus and wants to present ongoing issues, to enlighten his listeners, especially about African events. He doesn’t want to talk about himself, but rather everything and everybody around him because that is what eventually affects and shapes you as an artist and human being.

Krukid is a part of Rawkus Records, which he describes as an evolving label, because that’s what you have to do to be able to succeed and keep pumping out music that actually moves. Rawkus is there to support the underground artists,  such as Murs, who Krukid says makes people really feel and that they know how to put on a real and raw show. Krukid doesn’t seem to be a big fan of mainstream, major hip hop styles or artists.

Overall, Krukid is an artists focused on the realness of hip hop and the ability to use it to move and educate listeners. He stays connected with his roots in Uganda by presenting issues or general information in his music.

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