Askia, Cameroon’s rising Femcee

Cameroon is the source of many formidable rappers in different ages, genders and backgrounds. Askia is among the ranks. Without much information known on her, she allows her music to speak for itself. Askia was first seen in mainstream rap in 2015. She released a wave of music and quickly generated a large fanbase. Based in the south west region of Cameroon, she is represented by Mutumbu records.

Askia’s single ‘No Worry Me’ was released in 2015. While the words are slightly hard to make out, I was enticed by the imagery of the music video. Askia can be seen in a desert like terrain, sporting flashy outfits and cocky poses. The cutest dog flashes in and out of the frame with her as she spits her more brutal bars. Throughout the video we also see Askia exemplifying some girl power with her all girl group behind her as she continues her harsh delivery of her lyrics. The addition of her all girl crew and their clothing choices could be seen as a protist from the masculinity society associates with Hip Hop as they carelessly flaunt their femininity.  The background eventually switches to what looks like a vacant lot or junkyard, ideally a fitting image of roughness for the song. Upon farther review of the lyrics I realized there was a reason for every word to come out as blunt as she delivered them. The song itself is about her indifference about what anyone has to say about her life and her decisions. She also lifts herself up as the greatest and talks about her attributes, which is a normal thing in hip hop. Askia herself has admitted the song has an aggressive tone and assures that she is not directly referencing or beefing with anyone, but the tone for the theme of the song was much needed.


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