Askia, Cameroon’s rising Femcee

Cameroon is the source of many formidable rappers in different ages, genders and backgrounds. Askia is among the ranks. Without

B.A.S.T.A.R.D by Jovi

While researching rappers in Cameroon, I came across a blog that mentions Cameroon’s Jovi as a pure rapper with undeniable

Hein Père by Stanley Enow

While researching the hip hop scene of Cameroon , it is impossible to come across Stanley Enow and his most

POWA by Tumi Molekane

Tumi Molekane is an African poet and rapper. Tummy Molekane was born Boitumelo Molekane in Tanzania, August 16, 1981, while

M.I Abaga- Monkey ft. Chigurl

M.I Abaga was born Jude Abaga, October 4, 1981 in Jos, Plateau State. It was his mother who bought him

Dikembe! by Blitz the Ambassador

Blitz the Ambassador was born Samuel Bazawule in 1982. He was born in Accra, Ghana. As a child he was

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