Let Me Xplain by Xtatic

Xtatic, whose real name is Gloria Mecheo, is a Kenyan hip hop artist from both Nairobi and Kisii. She explains that the two locations are completely different and she had to adjust to speaking a completely different language, style and overall culture. She began rapping at thirteen and growing up in Kenya she enjoyed attending For Words and Pictures, in which she eventually participated. Then she went on to compete in the African rap battle Competition Emcee Africa. Her first video, ‘The Prep Track’ was independently produced and caught the attention of Sony. She was signed at just 20 years old. Yet, after success she disappeared for two years with no explanation.

Let Me Explain is her first single after her hiatus, explaining what’s taken so long for her return. The song has a clear R&B sound. The beat is soft and the tempo is smooth and steady paced. It’s not a song that commands attention, instead it creates a peaceful or relaxed ambiance. Static’s verses speak of her struggle to get to where she is now. Her verses have an overall theme of the road to success or overcoming a rough time. She also talks about struggles as a female artist in a male dominated industry. The chorus, which Iddi sings, is soft with subtle autotune. “I’m trying’ to be the change of my time,” he sings.

The video is a combination of clips of her and her team from other videos and her and Iddi against a smoky backdrop.



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