Are we in our Feelings?

Meet Sarkodie.

Feelings ft. Maleek Berry video.

If you aren’t familiar with this artist, you can start by watching his recently released music video titled Feelings ft. Maleek Berry. Premiering in December of last year, the song is an extension of the title displaying an intense amount of emotions from the lead character in the video towards his romantic interest. Sarkodie is acting as a videographer and working behind the scenes on a news channel show. His interest is the leading lady, Abena, and the opening scene starts with her talking about Donald Trump’s possible impeachment. Introducing politics in the video adds another layer of social consciousness in the midst of a romance perhaps alluding to the inescapable nature of politics where laws and regulations seeps into our everyday life.

The video follows Sarkodie, named Tom, as he chases after Abena who doesn’t seem to be fully aware of his infatuation. They’re obviously friends but he’s pictured checking his phone constantly to stare at her pictures. After she is done interviewing one subject, he begins to flirt with her and Tom is seen staring at the pair in envy. Later on, he falls over in the news room after Abena asks him if he’s alright showing how his feelings can have an impact on his physical state as well. The lyrics to the song is full of compliments and desire to show Abena all that he can give her. Towards the end of the video, the roles reverse and now Tom is the star and directing the news channel with Abena recording. They share a few flirtatious looks before the video ends. The switched roles relate to the lyrics as he talks about giving her a luxurious life and pampering her with all the material things a girl could want. Now, he is finally in the position to do so!

Sarkodie is a famous hip hop artist originating from Tema, Ghana and has been experimenting with his musical interests since the late 2000s. He is well loved by many in the musical community and if you would like to learn more about him, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @sarkodie. Give him a listen!

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