A blog on the song “Algentaye” by Teddy Yo ft. Joe Lox

In a country where the elder is always questioning the purpose of hip hop music, Teddy Yo thrives every year. Teddy yo is an Ethiopian hip hop artist who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Initially he started in a group called GAMO BOYS. The group had four members, all hip-hop artists but with their own style and flow. Later, he emerged as the dominant one and made his own single rap hit song. He has tried time and time again to mash the traditional pentatonic Ethiopian style of music with hip-hop. In the hope of presenting something unique to the world stage, he has worked with different rhythms from different regions of Ethiopia.

The song that I have chosen to write about is titled “Alegntaye”. Alegntaye is a song that was made by the famous Ethiopian legend artist Tilahun Gessese decades ago. Teddy yo took the intro from the classic song and added his twist to it. Throughout the song he takes his listener on an imaginary journey in the capital city of Addis Ababa. During which he shows the social life, food, drinks and other aspects.

On the second part of the song he steps out of the city to the country side. Teddy displays the ancient churches of Axum and Lalibela. He also shows the priests and their lives in the old churches.

In his song he raises the issue of nostalgia, to a homeland that he has never been. This is a reference to the youth that is constantly dreaming of leaving Ethiopia to western Countries. He argues that this is the country that I was born and raised in, I have known the culture and the people. If I cannot make it here among my own people, I do not want to make it anywhere else. Teddy tried his best to represent the nation of Ethiopia in this song.

Teddy tried his best to represent the nation of Ethiopia in this song. Please watch the video below.

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