Teddy Yo’s love of africa and ethiopian culture

Teddy Yo is a household name in Ethiopia. His rap career started with a group called the Gamo Boys, a group that launched is career

Original Ethiopian Mixtape

Liner Note: Crop tops, lipstick, and dance moves seem to be the three adjectives that bring each song featured on this mixtape together. It is

“All hip hop is local”: Teddy Yo’s Gurageton

Teddy Yo’s 2007 hit single “Gurageton” serves as a great example of the phrase “all hip hop is local” and demonstrates how African emcees strive

Yearada Quanqua – Amharic for Slang

I have blogged about Teddy Yo the Ethiopian hip hop artist before and I have decided to raise him as a topic again. The title

A blog on the song “Algentaye” by Teddy Yo ft. Joe Lox

In a country where the elder is always questioning the purpose of hip hop music, Teddy Yo thrives every year. Teddy yo is an Ethiopian