Ras Nebyu: Diasporic “Uptown Lion Walking”

Ras Nebyu (born Mebraknegodguwad Mahtemework) is a DC-based artist who identifies as part of the Ethiopian diaspora. Although Nebyu was born and raised in America,

Lola Monroe’s “Grime”

Lola Monroe, or “Queen Roe”, is an artist who has been steeped in hip hop culture long before she first picked up a mic. The

“All hip hop is local”: Teddy Yo’s Gurageton

Teddy Yo’s 2007 hit single “Gurageton” serves as a great example of the phrase “all hip hop is local” and demonstrates how African emcees strive

Skat Nati’s “Sira”

A rising star on the Ethiopian hip hop scene, Skat Nati is a young artist whose popular 2018 song ስራ “Sira” has made him tough