Zimbabwe’s young enigma

Upon looking for some of Zimbabwe’s newest contributors to the genre of hip hop, I stumbled upon Tasha, a young female rapper. Donning a blonde wig with a crown of bantu knots shaping her face, Tasha brings high energy in her music video for the song titled Bho Zvekuti. Under the account name on YouTube and Soundcloud Tasha seems to be having a steady and growing following. Her music video for Bho Zvekuti shows her featuring fellow rapper Asaph spitting against a high energetic beat that seems to feature some drill elements. Featuring the faces of other young Zimbabwean women in urban centers. She mixes in melodic singing in between rhymes and between languages as well, sporting some English in her verses. Her soundcloud biography says she is only 19 year old, a very young artist and that she is from Harare, Zimbabwe. Her Soundcloud biography also states that “Tasha has become a growing sensation in the Southern Region of Africa due to her rich and explicit lyrics and her daunting persona.” I really enjoyed her the music video, it was very much casual Black girl having fun. She’s so young and I enjoyed her energy, the cadence, the confidence and swag I saw during her performance in the video. It reminded me of female rappers in the US like Meg thee Stallion, Flo Milli and a young upcoming MC from New Orleans Ceefineass. She seems to have two projects under her belt, her most recent album coming out two years ago. Bho Zvekuti is a recent single that came out in May and is part of a string of singles that she released in the past year and a half. Bho Zvekuti racked up 27k views, making it her largest releases on her Youtube channel. Tasha seems to be a rising star with the spotlight on her in the world of Zimbabwe hip hop.

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