Young and Talented African Hip Hop Artists to Keep an Eye Out for in 2017

Young and Talented African Hip Hop Artists to Keep an Eye Out for in 2017

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Each year, a new crop of hip hop artists break out of obscurity and make significant waves in the scene. Some of the qualities that endear these rookie performers to fans are their fresh sound, their distinctive voice, and, of course, their brilliant perspective of music in general.

It’s difficult to predict who will burst from the underground scene and create an impact instantly, however, more often than not, these unbelievably talented musicians sprout up from nowhere. It also helps to have modern technology expediting the process, providing the mainstream with the latest hip hop stars.

A couple of years ago, Hip Hop African’s Msia Kibona Clark wrote a feature on the role of technology in Tanzanian music production. The writer underlined the importance of targeting a specific audience, listeners that rely heavily on social media websites, mobile apps, and other digital pursuits. Gaming Realms, creator and operator of online gaming giants Spin Genie, claims that since consumers have altered their media consumption habits, many technological firms have followed suit. They also pointed out that 80% of their revenues now come from mobile, thus industries like music are now seeking mass promotion on mobile-friendly mediums.

When it comes to the entire African hip hop scene, the majority of upcoming artists utilise technology to either produce music, promote their brand, or both. Thanks to technology, they now have plenty of platforms to share their unique voice to the world. Having said that, here are some of the young and talented hip hop artists to keep an eye out for in 2017.

Frank Casino (South Africa)

There’s no denying: Frank Casino is the face of African hip hop as of this moment. Music Unites Africa even wrote a piece that previews his upcoming LP, Something From Me, and tells readers why he’s the real deal. Frank Casino can even be credited for the growth of the South African hip hop culture.
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Lorine Chia (Cameroon)

Lorine Chia is a rare talent. She’s one of those exceptional artists who not only has a powerful, soulful, and smooth voice, but can also play a slew of musical instruments. Her unbelievable aptitude in music opened the door for collaborations with famous hip hop artists such as The Game and Chance the Rapper.
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Tekno (Nigeria)

More than a so-called “YouTube sensation,” Tekno seems to have what it takes to go the distance. His song, Pana, has over 20 million views on YouTube, which gave it a place at the top of the Nigerian music charts. In addition to YouTube hits and chart rankings, Tekno has the looks and the talent that attracted American record label, Columbia Records.
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Phy (Kenya)

Phy made the most of winning the first season of Maisha Superstar, an East African music talent competition similar to The X Factor and The Voice. She has that distinct sultry yet silky voice, making her stand out in a sea of new artists. Her debut album, Phylosophy, garnered praise from the big wigs in the industry, which prompted her to release a seven-track EP featuring covers of classic Kenyan songs a year later.
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Roden Y (Uganda)

There’s nothing quite like the stage presence of Ugandan artist, Roden Y. He has a certain stage presence that makes his audience stand in awe of him. Roden Y’s most popular single, Number Emu (Kabbako), truly represents his overall image: enigmatic, energetic, and wild.
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