“You’ll find me in the Ghetto”

Kayvo Ambalwa also known as Kayvo K-Force is a famous Kenyan rapper who has used his music to make a change. He was born on May 29th, 1989 in Nairobi, Kenya. Kayvo has been making rap music for years that people want to hear. In 2012 he took a different route and created a songs that people NEED to hear. His songs speak on the poverty and injustices in Kenya.

42 percent of Kenya’s population lives below the poverty line. There are many social and economic inequalities. Kenyan people have little to no access to basic things such as health care, sanitation, education, etc. 79 percent of the Kenyan population live in rural areas. This being said, they depend on agriculture which is very little to spread to all the citizens. Also, weather and climate change often contributes to the country’s poverty. Their infrastructure isn’t strong enough to endure these serious changes in the weather and the government isn’t helping to fix things like these.

Kenya is one of the most corrupt countries. Things like health care, good education, clean water and other things of that nature are a privilege to most. The government doesn’t really pay attention to the ghettos in Kenya and aren’t helping to get rid of poverty. Majority of women are not allowed to own properties and are deprived of the chance to earn income. All of these things not only affect the people but it strongly affects the youth. The Kenyan people have been trying to take a stand to get government help and end poverty for years.

One of his songs named “Hello Mr. President” features the Kenyan artists such as Eysha and Ottomatic. This video speaks about the poverty in Kenya. is based on the poverty in Kenya. He films this video on the streets in one of the ghettos.

In this video he speaks on one of the worst ghettos in Kenya, Kibera. This video also shows the poverty in Kenya and shows people shooting at each other, doing drugs, and in bad living conditions.


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