“Who will speak for us the weak?”- Nay Wa Mitego

“Nani Atusemee Semee Sisi Wanyonge” – roughly translated to “Who will speak for us the weak” encompass the sole drive artist and activist, Nay Wa Mitego has towards his craft.

Emmanuel Elibariki, also known as Nay Wa Mitego, was born June 9, 1988, in Tanzania. He made his first debut on youtube in July 2014 releasing his debut song “Nay Wamitego- Nakula Ujana”. Since then Nay Wa Mitego has released over 30 songs and he in the CEO of his own record label, Free Nation. In March of 2017, Nay Wa Mitego was arrested for publishing a song that criticized and insulted the Tanzanian government. In his song, he questions the freedoms he has as an artist and talks about the Presidents inability to take criticism from its people. This comment arose after President John Magufuli warned the media that their freedom of speech does come with some limitations. Outward criticism of the government and president would be unacceptable. Much of the President’s criticism comes from his deemed inability to accept criticism from anyone and has threatened to fire anyone who doesn’t listen to him. Though there’s a split in opinion regarding the President, critics see him as an authoritarian who acts on impulse regardless of political niceties and is intolerant of dissent. This isn’t the first time Nay Wa Mitego has been criticized for his political stance in his music. In 2013, Nay Wa Mitego was the victim of death threats due to his political lyricism. Nevertheless, Nay Wa Mitego continues to use his music as a bullhorn for political criticism.

Nay Wa Mitego’s song, “Rais Wa Kitaa” translated to “Local President” criticizes the political parties and asks the government, “Who will speak for us the Weak”. In the song, Nay Wa Mitego criticizes how the government has turned its backs on the people, raising the price of sugar and making it harder for people to get money and pay for their books, all the while they’re (political affiliates) still getting paid even though they’ve been removed from the political party. “Rais Wa Kitaa” calls the government’s attention to the people and asks them rhetorically, “If they’re not going to speak for the weak then who will”?

Disclaimer: Nay Wa Mitego raps primarily in Swahili so some themes and messages may have been lost in translation, or roughly translated into English.

Check out “Rais Wa Kitaa”-by Nay Wa Mitego on all music platform available.

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