Who Kid? Shukid

If you are a lover of hip hop, which you must be since you are on this blog, it is imperative that you know Shukid.

Oh, you don’t? Allow me to help!

Feisal Khaemba is a Kenyan rapper who, in his short career, is working hard to obtain that number one spot. ’09 marked the beginning of Shukid’s career when he released his first mixtape, “The Kingdom Come”. The ten song mixtape was recorded and produced my Shukid himself. At the same time, Shukid was involved in a nonprofit organization called The Visions Youth Development Group. This group focused on youth in the Kakamega county. Shukid and others would visit orphanages within the area and encouraged children to go to school and provided mentorships to some children.

Moving forward from his active role in the community, 2011 brought the phase of the Double G’s. The Double G’s was the name of the collaborative work between Shukid and Raj. This period also produced a mixtape called “From Africa with Bars”. To build his status as an artist, Shukid also joined Coola Gang. Coola Gang is very popular for their rap cyphers, like the S.O.E (State of Emergency) cypher. Shukid would often join in on these cyphers to not only show off his skill, but to keep an eye out on competition. From Coola Gang, Shukid was featured on their “Just A Mixtape” mixtape and began performing in popular Kenyan nightclubs.

Wanting more as an independent artist, Shukid decided to go his own way. In this time, Shukid began the Sleepless Nights series. Sleepless Nights is a series of mixtapes. During his rise to notoriety, Shukid has worked with many names like Sniper G’ganji, Coolkid Taffie, and GnX. Shukid’s most recent work is an EP called “God Speed” which is currently available on iTunes and is definitely worth giving a listen.

Shukid’s time in Canada and various places within Kenya gives him a more diverse view when it comes to subject matter. Shukid can go from Americanized-Hip Hop that glorifies money, girls, and material things, or he can speak on things vexing him or his goals. I was very impressed by his remix of J.Cole’s Let Nas Down:

If you wish to know more about Shukid please check out these links below:

Official WordPress: https://kingshukid.wordpress.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingShukid254?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShukidKing/

About Coola Gang: http://www.mtv.com/artists/coola-gang/biography/

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