Who is Black Sherif?

Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, better known as Black Sherif, is a Ghanaian rapper from the town of Konongo-Zongo, Ghana. While there are many Ghanaian drill rappers on the rise, Black Sherif has been gaining the most amount of popularity in the Ghanaian rap/drill category. Many may ask, what makes Black Sherif so memorable and popular? I concluded that Black Sherif is popular for three reasons.

Firstly, I believe Black Sherif’s popularity stems from his honesty about his humble beginnings. Black Sherif was able to establish his fan base because many of his fans believe that they can relate to him. For instance, Black Sherif is known for not living beyond his means. With all the wealth he accumulated from brand endorsements such as Chipper Cash, his house is a decent-sized home and he drives a decent-sized car that isn’t luxurious. Black Sherif realizes the importance of being grateful for the difficult times as he was put in boarding school his whole life because his parents weren’t in his life. His ability to be relatable makes him more inviting.

Black Sherif’s house in Ghana.

Secondly, Black Sherif is popular because he genuinely makes good music with a good message. For instance, one of Black Sherif’s most popular songs is titled, “Second Sermon”. In his song, he uses a blend of Kumasi-style drill beats and blends them with the traditional rhythm of his hometown of Konongo. In the song, he talks about not being afraid of the challenges of the music industry because he has integrity and will always stay true to himself. He mentions that “no one can stand against him when Allah is for him”. Speaking of Allah, his religion is the perfect transition into the final reason on his popularity.

“Second Sermon” is Black Sherif’s 3rd most streamed song.

I believe Black Sheriff is popular because he’s “different” from the rest. Ghana’s most popular religion is Christianity. Although Islam is the second most popular religion, many Muslim Ghanaians face discrimination because of their religion. Black Sherif is no different. For instance, in an interview with Ghana Weekend, Black Sheriff told the host that he was bullied for being Muslim when he was younger. Many of his Christian peers refused to believe that his last name is Frimpong because he has a Muslim-sounding first name. In his younger years, he tried suppressing his identity. However, he embraced his Muslim identity more which eventually led to the creation of his popular song “Second Sermon”. His presence in the music industry is important because he symbolizes a role model for Muslim youth who aspire to also make it big in the music industry. Black Sheriff truly is a force to be reckoned with.

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