We The Big 3, Check The Spreadsheet

Now that African music like Afrobeats and Bongo Flava are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, more people are interested in different genres and artists across the continent. But in a male-dominated industry, there is the question: where are all of the female rap artists who are changing the game? Well in Tanzania, three artists made sure to make their names heard worldwide. Back in September 2022, artists Rosa Ree, Chemical, and Frida Amani came together to drop their hit track Threesome, a song that showcases their individual lyricism and rap styles while also speaking on the power of being “that girl.” Threesome has amassed over 170K views and it entered both the Top 100 Tanzanian Chart and the Top 40 Tanzanian Chart. 

What really stood out to me in this video is the vibrant colors and vibey aesthetics, and scenes that showcase the individualities of the artists. This is shown through the outfits with Rosa Ree’s glitzy, sequined fit, Frida Amani with a royal blue 2 piece, and Chemical with her signature tomboy style. Another impactful part is the lyrics! Though I am a beginner Swahili language learner, Rosa Ree’s final verse, she spoke in English saying, “I be on a level you can never maintain, thinkin you a player, I’m the coach of the game..,”. I’ve listened to previous Rosa Ree songs and they all follow the theme of empowering women and highlighting female dominance. 

Overall, the song is very catchy and inspires me to learn more about the Tanzanian hip-hop scene. If you want to check out more of their music, I recommend Rosa Ree’s Goddess album, Frida Amani’s single, Madam President, and Chemical’s single, New Material!

Listen Here!

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