Wande is a Nigerian American artist based in Atlanta. She grew up in Houston Texans but moved to Atlanta once she signed with Reach Records. Whenever given a chance she always reps her Naija Roots. As she is seen rapping about her experiences being an immigrant and her experience with that lifestyle. 

For instance, in her song “They Didn’t Know” she raps 

“Uh, let me bring it back one time
To the 512, Naija in the USA
Had to live an immigrant life
Mama told me be a light, ’cause the household got pretty gray
The goons rode around late night
Had to choose my own story ’cause I knew it wasn’t right”

In plenty of  interviews Wande details the little time she did spend back home in Nigeria when she was a small girl. She Then talks about what she remembers when it was time to come to the states. Ultimately the main theme that shows up Wande’s music is her faith and love for God. She’s always professing her faith and how it helped her through tough times in her life. 

She writes

, “I rep big God, that’s still OGChrist died for the gang, now the whole set free, In too deep, that’s a lie, don’t sleep. Let Him take the wheel, switch lanes, new street. You ain’t gotta flex off them old ways. Man got a book, let’s turn the page”

She’s always professed her faith and God and explained that when she was a teenager that is when her life changed forever.

Yeah, I’m unashamed, Romans 1:16

Saved me at a young age, startеd from the teens

Now my real life’s way bеtter than my dreams, I don’t care

Overall Wande continues to make music that represents her Naija roots though she is here in the states. And she also makes music that reflects her faith as well.

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