Vura vs. Kazindaalo

Going into this class I was a little wary as to the types of music I’d be exposed to. I’m not a big fan of international music and I wondered how this would apply to me. However upon listening to both of these songs, I gained a special appreciation of South African Music, and definitely have some new artists to dig into.

The first song I head was Vura by Dj Citi Lyts featuring Sjava & Saudi. Immediately I knew this one was a banger. As a producer, the beat stuck out to me because of the triplet approach. It was an incredible use of a subtle and calm sample over heavy 808s paired with a changing high hat landscape with hihats, bottles, and clickers. All the rappers on the song approached with a certain confidence that allowed them to flow through the beat. Making heavy use of the triplets, they depicted their ideas with style and elegance. Even though I had no idea what they were saying, I felt like their approach and beat choice made me have no choice but to just ride with it. I can honestly say I’m a fan.

Kazindaalo immediately stuck out as a pop song to me because of the production. Unlike Vura, there were bright synths and no real samples other that a few background percussion parts. The beat itself was made to make girls dance and I felt like I could definitely party to the song. A basic 4 on the floor bass pattern created this sensation of happiness and party that was different than Vura’s chill demeanor.

The videos showed two different perspectives. In Vura, the rappers rode in a car with some a girl while flashing between there, on the streets, and what seemed to be an abandoned house. Vura seemed to show the “rough” side of Africa, where people were ready to stomp anyone that wasn’t a friend out.

In Kazindaalo, they were in front of a wealthy/big stairwell with women twerking in front of the camera. The focus seemed to be solely on them as the scenery didn’t move. Vura embraced Hip Hop’s roots, rolling in the streets with the hitters, while Kazindaalo, took a poppy approach, focusing on beautiful women looking great and having a great time.

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