Vossi Bop Ft. Stormzy

Youtube video for Stormzy’s hit song Vossi Bop

The song Vossi Bop by Stormzy and artistic state to and representation office urban culture is for Black people in the U.K. The song gained 110 million views on  youtube and has garnished world wide attention. The Vossie Bop was a viral meme dance that turned into a huge thing around the U.K. and other countries. Stomzy, in his own right, is a massive benefactor in the U.K. rap scene and has managed to create avenues for the world to know that as well. Stormzy made a blueprint for others to follow with drill music and globalize it.  Along with being an outstanding example of Drill music, he also played an impactful role in giving his genre a global influence. In the video for Vossi Bop ft. Stormzy walks the viewers through various places in the U.K. while rapping his lyrics in multiple aspects. However, during these scenes, we see black people in every part of this video. Also, most of the video elements (down to the individuals’ garments)indirectly and directly reference aspects of black culture internationally. Stormzy does a fantastic job of introducing new listeners and people from all parts of the globe to what the black urban culture looks like in the U.K. in all types of aspects. In his lyrics, he takes a direct jab at Parliament. He mentions one of their officials and continues to rhyme about his experiences in the U.K.  during his life. These constant variants provide a depiction of the Black experience in the U.K. and show other countries how the culture of Blacks has been modernized and adapted in different societal atmospheres. The 27 year old British innovator provides culturally inclusive depictions of Black people in the U.K. and shows the world that although their experiences may seem foreign, they still deserve recognition and global attention.

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