Video on South Africa and from the U.S

This was a very interesting assignment, because it allowed me to compare to different cultures. The two cultures that were focused on were South Africa and the American hip hop culture. The South African video I choose was what he means by Just Jinjer. The American music video I choose was love by lil wayne. One of the first things I noticed between these songs were the different sceneries they both had. The south African music video was conducted in the dessert, while one could tell they also spent money on the American music video. The video with lil wayne had several different beautiful models, and a luxurious bed that was floating in the water next to a bunch of jewelry. The American culture is prided in buying the finer things, so its important to have these luxurious things in music videos. The video emphasized being okay as long as all of his women were taken care of and still loved him. The music video what he means simply has the white artist playing the guitar in a very deserted place. Behind him are other instruments such as the piano and drums. They created a more natural look with than instruments, compared to lil Wayne’s music video. The music video what he means talks about seeing if there is a grace of him on this earth. How if there is a grace of light on the earth let it be seen. So, the themes of these two songs were not very common. It nice to see how different each song was, especially coming from two areas. Also, how South African musicians can be just as effective as an American artist, by using a more natural look. This assignment really shined the light on these two different cultures that individuals may not have a bunch of facts on.

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