Video Critique Knaan’s “strugglin”

Watching this video, you get a sense of the man’s life and how even though he may have a singing “gig” he is still struggling like many people. He shows the way he lives and as well as many people that live around him. in the beginning he starts off his video with his recording another one of his songs “until the lion learns to speak” and he shows many of his people and how they live. later it transits into where he lives and shows the many gang members he lives around. in his video he has some guys wearing blue and others wearing blue to represent the bloods and crips. throughout the video you can feel the emotion and see everything he goes through just to get through the day. He shows himself working for someone and having to go pick up merchandise and later heads home. this song truly shows the pain and struggle he’s gone through in his life but also many of his people in Somalia. it’s a great video and gives a good sense of what struggle is to him. It also shows his struggle within music and trying to do best for his family. In this video, you also see him go to many places to try and get his music known but the majority that hes gone to turn him down.



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