Using Gayle to “Keep In Touch”

Dope Saint Jude & Angel-Ho’s Official Video to the hit “Keep In Touch”.

Dope Saint Jude has always been one to break down barriers and push boundaries, so it’s no surprise that she chose to use the language “Gayle” to portray her message in her song “Keep In Touch.” According to her music video, “Gayle” is a gay slang used in urban communities of South Africa.I believe she chose this language make the statement that there is nothing wrong with gay culture and that she stands with the gay community. She did a great job of embodying and embracing gay culture, and using the language of the culture to tell her story. Angel-Ho, rapper and member of the LGBTQ community, also did a great job using his language to shine a positive light on his culture. With homophobia being present in Africa, it is important to take full advantage of any opportunity to embrace the LGBTQ culture and speak out against homophobia; Dope Saint Jude has once again made her confidence known and continues to encourage other youth LGBTQ members to be themselves, unapologetically! This music video was so vibrant and fun, showing a different side of Saint Jude that I personally haven’t seen before. At the very end of the video Dope Saint Jude does the audience a favor by listing and defining different slang words used in “Gayle”. Some of the words mentioned were: Chlora meaning- a colored person, Natalie meaning- a black person, Beaulah meaning- a beautiful person, and Nancy meaning- “no.” As someone who wasn’t familiar with “Gayle” before I watched this video, I was not only super informed on what “Gayle” was, I even knew a few  slang words by the end of the video. I recommend this song to the girls and gays, and to anyone who likes to VOGUE!!!!!! Click the link and watch the video!

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