Ur Boy Bangs with the Bangers

Song: Take You to the Movies or Hi Haters

Artist: In the music video, “Take you to the Movies,” Ur Boy Bangs circulates between multiple wardrobe changes as he moves from shot to shot. When evaluating his choice of choreography it seems that Bangs decided to stick with a few simple dance moves for this music video. Some of the dance moves Bangs shuffles through include a smooth 2 step and a myriad of hand gestures including a reoccuring double handed point to the camera.

Lyrics: The lyrics used in this song can be summarized as chivalrous and respectful contrary to lyrics commonly found in Rap songs. The song is telling a story about taking a girl he likes to the movie. He rhymes about picking her up, paying for her, then holding the concessions during the movie.

Graphics: Throughout the music video Ur Boy Bangs is performing in front of what appears to be a green screen. The backgrounds that Ur Boy Bangs chooses for his video include a Sunset, forest, City Skyline, Cadillac concept, Sudan highlighted on Africa map, a stack of money, and a theater.

Reactions/impressions: My initial reaction was, honestly, unimpressed. When I compared Ur Boy Bangs and the “Take You to the Movies” video to the rappers and videos produced in the United States, Bangs is an amateur lyricist with a weak flow and poor video editing. Basically, the project was a disaster. However, after listening to the song again and further evaluating his discography, I developed a humorous appreciation for Ur Boy Bangs and his work.

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