Namibian Rapper – Phatboy Lutor

Namibia has a variety of lyrically gifted artists, but the rapper that has stood out the most in 2020 was up-and-coming male rapper, Phatboy Lutor. Ronaldo Mutota, known by the stage name Phatboy Lutor, released his solo debut song called “Epangelo (The Government)” in June 2020. In the artists youtube channel, he writes about how the motive behind the song was to encourage the youth to have self independence and self governance [1]. In an article about the rapper in The Namibian Weekender, Phatboy Lutor talks about how a large percentage of young people depend on the government for jobs. He hopes that the young will work to create their own jobs and become independent enough to help themselves. 

Phatboy Lutor first found a passion for music in 2010 when he established a dance quartet called LBHT with his friends [2]. The group’s name was an acrostic of members named Licks, Bobby, Tocks, and Phatboy Lutor who went as “Heavy” at the time. The group performed at various schools and road shows to promote their group. After releasing four songs on SoundCloud, the group would later disband in 2016. Retiring as a former back-up vocalist and dancer, Phatboy Lutor was ready for the next stage and began as a solo hip-hop artist.

Shortly after the release of “Epangelo”, Phatboy would release his debut album titled “Koning (King). The album was named after his supportive friends and former group members who kept calling him ‘King’ after beginning his music career. The album takes a more mature route for the rapper and is dedicated to people who lack self-confidence. Phatboy’s goal for the album is to encourage people to get back on their feet and go after whatever they want in life [3]. 

Phatboy Lutor uses his rhythm and lyrics to encourage his listeners to work towards a better life. He represents his Namibian community by being the role model that the young truly needs. 

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