Ukoo Flani Mau Mau


Hailing primarily out of the streets of Nairobi, Kenya but also Mombasa, Keny and even Tanzania are Ukoo Flani Mau Mau. They are a well molded collective, with a power and uniqueness and flavor that could only come from so many unique backgrounds uniting with a message under the banner of hip hop. 24 members at the moment make up the crew and their name deserves attention. It is an acronym for “a clan of Mau Mau” who reference is the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya from 1952-1960 by anti-colonial fighters against the British following  severe violent repression and economic deprivation. After years of struggle with mass murder and human rights violations by the British, the Mau Mau are revered as revolutionaries who paved the way to independence. So Ukoo Flani consist of K-Shaka, Wenyeji, Wakamba Wawili, MC Kah, Mashifta, G-rongi, Ukoo Flani (MSA:-Nguchi P, Chiznbrain, Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi, Labalaa, Dr. Dunga, And me DEE7 representing TANZANIA, Richizee, Shaolin aka Grand Mantis, and others. “The name UKOOFLANI is an acronym that reads Upendo Kote Olewenu Ombeni Funzo La Aliyetuumba Njia Iwepo, i.e. love everywhere all who seek teachings of the creator; there is a way.” Also according to their face book, “The objectives of the group are quality enhancement to enable hiphop to be the language to pass the real/true message to society. Through enlightening people on the economic prospects of hiphop they’d like to prove its viability as a business and a way to sustain an income for fellow youth from disadvantaged backrounds. UFMM believe hiphop is a tested and proven way out of the ghetto because it has been their rehabilitation. Each member has a story to tell about how hiphop changed their lives into artistic superiority. Coming from an environment where its an achievement to see the age of 25, and where an average person earns less than $1 a day; UFMM happily prove that with wit, clever poetry, leadership, wisdom and love, one can control their destiny.”
Now, Im not sold on that the solution to poverty in Kenya being hip hop but it certainly will be involved. The youth talk about the harsh realities on the streets and life in ghettos. They take political ideologies from revolutionaries throughout history to include Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the hard hitting “Burn Dem.” They even use actual footage of the uprising and the British crack-down in the beautiful song “Angalia Saa.”


“Burn Dem”
“Angalia Saa”
Hip Hop Halisi” Ft Nazizi
“Ghetto Fabulus” Ft Sister Sllage

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  1. I also have that talent of rapping, not free style but there’s no support. Kindly wpuld you look up to this.

    Thank you.

  2. Most of u may no me frm previous comments in blog syts tht i have commented on involving ukoo. Dee7 u should distinguish between veterans n ‘Join us’ as Zaka likes 2 call them. all lovers wa ukoo flani wenye wanatambua ngoma kama punchline kibao, hip hop halisi, dandora LOVE n
    mny more hve a craving of tha true mau mau kwa stone na machaines ( a place in D face5). please show ur support 2 this guyz n lets mke them an iinternational idol. come c them perform @ tha east africa motor show each year! change ur step…by veteran ukoo ft gangstar gal L ness big up 4 that song

  3. […] Ukoo Flani MauMau was a  hip-hop musical group that entertained the world with their satirical lines.For long,they stood out against social injustices.Richie,whom by now you refer to by his stage-name Lavosti,was one of them.It is after the collapse of the group,which he attributes to parenting,and members getting other assignments,that he joined Nazizi as a band member.(At this point,Lavosti hands you the bag of cashew-nuts again.You take half of the bag just to anger him into stopping his whispers hospitality.) […]

  4. […] Ukoo Flani Mau Mau has for the longest time been synonymous with hip hop in this country. Groups like KalaMashaka, Wenyeji, Mashifta, Wakamba Wawili and rappers like MC Kah, G-Rongi, L-Ness,Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi are all part of same family and did, for over a decade, define Kenyan Hip Hop. […]

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