Tumi – I’m Killing

When I first heard this track I thought his flow favored Nas and his punchlines reminded me of Lil Wayne. It was no surprise that he called this track the 2013 illmatic. Tumi uses personification to bring life to his words. Giving them the same power as shrapnel from an explosive, he is able to provide listeners with a entertaining imagery that makes them want to hear what he has to say. I like how Tumi talks about how easy it is to get on the radio these days. Artist used to have to grind for moths to get their material heard and it had to be quality. He recognizes that  in today’s music industry all anyone needs is a catchy beat and easy lyrics to follow in order to be successful. He also address that fact that he has been recording quality music since Fat Joe was big, but no one was really trying to hear him out.

Another element of the song that stood out to me was the voice that spoke at the beginning, middle and end of the song saying the same thing. It kept saying ” You will be number one, weather they like it or not. Nobody can beat. You will be number one for the whole world.” I can tell that it is someone important to him saying this message and that he holds them in high esteem. The point of the message is the same as the song, to let the world know that he is a great rapper that will continue to get better and there is nothing that his opposition a.k.a. haters can do about it.

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