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In 1998 after graduating High School, Tru went to college to study audio production. It was here that he hooked up with others who were as serious as him about taking their skills to the next level. Tru hooked up with fellow student Solo and they formed the Mic Check Foundation (aka The Dream Team). There was a thriving Hip Hop scene in downtown Cambridge. Whenever there was an open mic session or a party to rock, Trusenz and Solo would hit the subway and give a great performance. The Middle East Club often played host to Mic Check Foundation (MCF) in their formative years, providing a training ground for bigger things to come.While Trusenz was at College studying audio production, he worked as the programmer manager at the college radio station WBCC. He learned a lot about professionalism and the technicalities of working in a studio.

Nomadsland album for sale by Trusenz was released Jun 21, 2005 on the Pioneer Unit/ Clik-O-Sickos label. ‘Nomadsland’ is the much anticipated debut album from Trusenz. Nomadsland buy CD music Already regarded by many as one of South Africa’s most talented lyricists and fearsome battle MCs, Trusenz passionately narrates vivid, deeply personal tales of the daily struggles and triumphs of his own life, and the lives of many others who share his experiences around the world. Nomadsland songs The album documents the tension, poverty, violence, harassment, wasted lives and the catalogue of other social issues that reside in his world, but also celebrates the environment and its energy that serves as his inspiration and motivation. Nomadsland album for sale.Trusenz personal and musical histories are both highly eventful and inseparably intertwined. Nomadsland CD music However, through all the struggle and drama, Trusenz always comes with a positive message, a role model for those seeking to tread the fine line between surviving the streets by any means necessary and maintaining love and respect for their communities. All the strands of his nomadic life and experiences are reconciled in this brutally honest and deeply personal record.

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