Trusenz: biography

Trusenz, born Lungelo Nzama is a hip hop artist based in Claremont, Duran, South Africa. In 1990 Nzama was one of only 4 Black students to join the Drakensberg Boys Choir with whom he travelled extensively, even performing for Prince Edward at his private residence in London.In 1995 Trusenz moved to Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts  when he was 13.He was struggling to find his place  in an alien culture after so many years with the Choir in Africa, Trusenz realized his gift for writing and delivering powerful lyrics was his way to gain acceptance. He immersed himself in street life and the culture of Hip Hop, establishing a reputation as a fearsome battle rapper. After spending 7 years in Boston, Massachusetts Nzama returned to South Africa in 2002 to record his debut solo album Nomadsland with Damian Stephens aka Dplanet. Trusenz is not your average rapper in many ways. He speaks five languages including Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, and Spanish.

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