True to me – Karun

March, a beautiful month embracing the beautiful women that inhabit our big blue bubble, it’s only right to mention a song that does that and those to come so well. That song being none other than “true to me” a song performed by kenyan artist Karun. The song influences young women and older women alike to stay true to themselves and embrace the person they were meant to be. These themes are emphasized with the lyrics “No ones gonna stop me Long as I put no one else above me No I’m not gonna stop Cos I aim for the top yeah yeah” that speak her truth in a more forward fashion appealing to the listener directly. The chorus also plays a huge role in making this song pop and illustrate feelings of strength, independence, and individuality she aims to convey. The video is also not only well done but conveys the messages previously mentioned. It dances back and forth with no pun intended between appearances from an unnamed young lady enjoying the areas around her and Karun herself, whether that be with her backup dancers and her individually performing. Both the video and song in tandem do well to send a message, especially one true to the values of women’s history month. I would surely recommend this song and many like it to any lady out there looking for a pick me up as well as reassurance that they are strong and can do anything they aim to do much like the song says. I feel this is what is needed now, more uplifting material to make the viewer feel inspired and empowered to step out and do things. So for that props to Karun for the good work she made in empowering our already powerful women out and about today. 

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