Bajah- biography

Bajah is the front man of his group called the Dry Eye Crew. He is best known for his confrontational lyrics and as a national hero in Sierra Leone. He was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone which is the capital. His father was a spiritual leader of the community but he showed a different interest. He started singing at a young age wanting to pursue a career as a musician or maybe even a soccer star.

He eventually did succeed in his athletic talent as a soccer player for several leagues representing Sierra Leone on the Guinea team. Even while these awesome opportunities were going on in his life, he noticed that he was always a rapper because he would rap to his friends after soccer practice and they would like it. This love for music led his to be a DJ at local clubs.

Being a DJ at the local clubs led him to meet his now group collaborators who were then called the Jungle Leaders. They all had in common that they were Sierra Leone refugees in Guinea because of the war. So one night his friends just pushed him on stage to show off his rapping skills and from there on he became famous. He signed a record deal, moved back to Sierra Leone, and was so famous a motorcycle was name after him.

He now lives in Brooklyn with two of his group mates A-Klazz and Dovy. He is now just focused on being a music artist and really tries to send a good message to make the world a better place. He really just wants to represent his country and actually get people curious about what Sierra Leone is all about because not many people might know about it. Something very important was that his group was nominated for the Academy Award for contributing with their music to the Blood Diamond Film.

Bajah is really thought of as the Sean Paul of West Africa with the social conscious of Bob Marley and Fela Kuti. His group’s music talks about love, life, and the social problems that they face. Another interesting thing is how his group got its name. The Dry eye crew comes from the fact that they are just going to say tings about reality how they are and they are not going to hold a tear in their eye anymore.

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