Tinchy Stryder Review

I like his music. At first I was iffy on how I felt about it. Not because of the sound but because I continue to hope that African rappers are more conscious on what they rap about instead of being so westernized when it comes to music. He has the western look and sound. When I hear his music I feel as if I can relate to it because there is no specific thing in his music that sets him aside from American rappers other than his accent. If he did not have an  African accent and had an American accent  I would think that he was American. Even the way he dresses he reminds me of a current American Hip Hop artist. Instead of his music being more focused on the struggles of his home he talks about simple things like getting women and making money. Other than that Tinchy Stryders music is very upbeat and I am sure he gets a lot of attention from his fans. I believe if I lived in his country I would listen to his music because he knows how to grab someone’s attention. I also listened to one of his songs and I felt as if I could relate to what he was which I found interesting because people usually assume when you are from a different country than someone else you can not relate to the problems they have. The song I remember listening to had to do with love the name of the song was “Number 1”. And who at our age does not go through love problems so it was nice to hear it from another perspective. What I do especially like about his music is that he is very straight forward with his words. Not so much that you are made to feel uncomfortable but enough to where you understand what he is trying to tell you. Tinchy Stryder has a bright future ahead of him when it comes to his rap career.

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