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William Nicholaus Lyimo was born on 11 April 1993 to parents from the Moshi region of Tanzania. He was inspired by people like Jay Z, Alber Mangwair, and other rappers. Bill Nass didn’t want to finish living with his parents, so he set out to monetize his music career. After his hit song Rahaa with Naaziz, he was eventually named the Best 50 Artist to watch for in 2017 by MTV Base. In a short time after this accolade, he has had hit songs with numerous artists like Wizkid who is a Nigerian sensation and has grossed more than 4 million Worldwide fans. He has also been able to perform at places like Coke Studio Africa, Wasfai festival and many other prominent venues.

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In one of his more recent songs called “Magufuli Ndo Baba,” he sheds light on Tanzania’s new President and what citizens can potentially expect during his time as President.He talks about Magufuli as a “father” figure who aims to rid Tanzania of all the corruption and detriments it faced prior to his tenure. This artist essentially promotes this President and in a form of propaganda helps to further the Presidents mission. I feel like he’s trying to show the people of Tanzania that they can trust him and he will do right by their country. Also, I think that if other people see him getting involved in politics and showing his support for the system, others will follow. Although the President can be quite a controversial figure because of the way people feel about his tax laws and the new things people have because of them, Bill Nass shows his support in the leader’s endeavors.

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